Malaysia's banking system continues to maintain healthy liquidity

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KUALA LUMPUR: The banking system continued to maintain healthy liquidity and funding positions, recording an aggregate liquidity coverage ratio of 148.4 per cent, a position which remained supportive of intermediation activities, Bank Negara Malaysia (BNM) said.

In a monthly highlights June 2022 report released today, the central bank said loan-to-fund ratio remained stable at 81.8 per cent in June.

"Banks’ funding sources remained stable and supportive of credit intermediation in the economy amid sustained growth in deposits,” it said.

Meanwhile, BNM said net financing grew by 5.0 per cent in June compared to 4.5 per cent in May, driven by a 5.6 per cent growth in outstanding loans versus May's 5.0 per cent, while outstanding corporate bond growth remained unchanged at 3.4 per cent.

"Outstanding household loan growth increased 5.9 per cent across all loan purposes versus May's 5.0 per cent, reflecting higher growth in loan disbursements, especially for cars and houses.

"For businesses, outstanding loans grew at 5.8 per cent compared with May's 5.4 per cent, as growth in loan disbursements (23.0 per cent; May: 20.8 per cent) outpaced that of repayments (20.0 per cent; May: 23.6 per cent).

"By sector, the higher outstanding loan growth reflected stronger growth in wholesale and retail trade, and transport, storage and communication,” the June report said.




On the financial market, BNM said domestic financial markets conditions tightened following the sharp rise in United States (US) interest rates.

"In June, global financial market conditions tightened following the 75-basis points hike -- the largest since 1994 -- in the US federal funds rate, amid elevated US inflationary pressures. This had subsequently raised concerns on the US and global economic growth outlook,” it said.

BNM said adjustments in the domestic financial markets "remained orderly” amid positive economic recovery prospects.

"Amid foreign portfolio outflows from the domestic bond market, the 10-year Malaysian government securities (MGS) yields rose by 9.0 basis points, a smaller increase compared to regional bond yields averaging 21.5 basis points,” the report said.

The ringgit depreciated by 0.7 per cent (regional average: 3.1 per cent) in June amid broad US dollar strength, while the FBM KLCI declined by 8.0 per cent versus the regional average: 7.1 per cent,” it said.

The central bank said asset quality in the banking system remained intact.

"Overall gross impaired loans ratio increased slightly to 1.7 per cent in June versus 1.6 per cent in May, but net impaired loans ratios remained broadly unchanged at 1.0 per cent.

"Banks continued to be prudent in loan provisioning to buffer against potential credit losses, with total provisions and regulatory reserves amounting to RM 41.1 billion (May: RM 40.7 billion).

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